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British Columbia
Yukon Territory
Trifolium macrocephalum
Data Providers

The following providers currently make their data available through the PNW Herbaria portal. Select a provider to learn more about the resources they share with the PNW Herbaria Portal.

Provider Acronym # Specimens Hosted
B. A. Bennett Herbarium, Yukon Government BABY 10,888
Boise District Bureau of Land Management BBLM 5,891
Boise State University, Snake River Plains Herbarium SRP 94,483
Bureau of Land Management, Medford District BLMMD 5,484
Bureau of Land Management, Salmon Office SBLM 749
Bureau of Land Management, Vale District Office VALE 6,228
Central Oregon Community College COCC 6,392
College of Idaho, Harold M. Tucker Herbarium CIC 59,072
Craters of the Moon National Monument CRMO 3,259
Eastern Washington University EWU 10,380
Erickson Weed Herbarium, University of Idaho IDE 8,433
Evergreen State College EVE 485
Friday Harbor Laboratories FHL 3,996
H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest HJAEF 1,317
Hoyt Arboretum and Herbarium HAH 2,666
Humboldt State University HSC 1,625
Idaho State University, Ray J. Davis Herbarium IDS 76,781
Linfield College LINF 4,544
Milner Gardens and Woodland, Vancouver Island University VIU 330
Montana State University MONT 54,459
Mount Rainier National Park MORA 6,204
North Cascades National Park NOCA 8,617
Olympic National Park OLYM 7,708
Oregon State University OSC 444,487
Pacific Lutheran University PLU 8,906
Pacific Northwest Herbarium, Western Washington University WWB 26,216
Portland State University HPSU 22,594
Reed College REED 8,701
Rocky Mountain Research Station BOIS 13,613
Royal British Columbia Museum V 218,883
San Juan National Historic Site SAJH 603
Southern Oregon University SOC 23,790
Starkey Experimental Forest SEF 887
Stillinger Herbarium, University of Idaho ID 189,051
The New York Botanical Garden NY 91,479
Twin Falls Bureau of Land Management TFBLM 855
University of Alaska, Anchorage UAAH 16,193
University of Alaska, Fairbanks - Museum of the North ALA 274,469
University of British Columbia UBC 500,551
University of Lethbridge LEA 21,640
University of Montana MONTU 78,145
University of Puget Sound PSM 13,926
University of Washington WTU 446,428
University of Washington Bothell UWB 1,294
University of Wyoming, Rocky Mountain Herbarium RM 155,703
Washington State University, Marion Ownbey Herbarium WS 186,356
Whitman College WCW 16,707
TOTAL: 3,141,468