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ALA (University of Alaska, Fairbanks - Museum of the North)
BABY (B. A. Bennett Herbarium, Yukon Government)
BBLM (Boise District Bureau of Land Management)
BLMMD (Bureau of Land Management, Medford District)
BOIS (Rocky Mountain Research Station)
CIC (College of Idaho, Harold M. Tucker Herbarium)
CRMO (Craters of the Moon National Monument)
EVE (Evergreen State College)
EWU (Eastern Washington University)
FHL (Friday Harbor Laboratories)
HJAEF (H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest)
HPSU (Portland State University)
HSC (Humboldt State University)
ID (University of Idaho, Stillinger Herbarium)
IDS (Idaho State University, Ray J. Davis Herbarium)
LEA (University of Lethbridge)
LINF (Linfield College)
MONT (Montana State University)
MONTU (University of Montana)
NY (The New York Botanical Garden)
OSC (Oregon State University)
PLU (Pacific Lutheran University)
PNNL (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
PSM (University of Puget Sound)
REED (Reed College)
RM (University of Wyoming, Rocky Mountain Herbarium)
SOC (Southern Oregon University)
SRP (Boise State University, Snake River Plains Herbarium)
UAAH (University of Alaska, Anchorage)
UBC (University of British Columbia)
V (Royal British Columbia Museum)
VALE (Bureau of Land Management, Vale District Office)
VIU (Milner Gardens and Woodland, Vancouver Island University)
WCW (Whitman College)
WS (Washington State University, Marion Ownbey Herbarium)
WSTC (Washington State University, Tri-Cities)
WTU (University of Washington)
WWB (Pacific Northwest Herbarium, Western Washington University)
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