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British Columbia
Yukon Territory
Campanula lasiocarpa
Provider: Royal British Columbia Museum

(Provider metadata last updated 2010-08-28)

Code: V
Description: Formerly British Columbia Provincial Museum.
Specialty: Northwestern North America, especially western Canada and British Columbia; vascular plants; bryophytes; lichens.
Notable Collectors: J. R. Anderson; J. A. Bailey; T. C. Brayshaw; J. A. Calder; W. R. Carter; A. Ceska; R. Connell; G. V. Copley; G. W. Douglas; J. W. Eastham; F. Fodor; G. A. Hardy; J. Macoun; M. C. Melburn; C. F. Newcombe; A. F. Szczawinski; T. M. C. Taylor; N. J. Turner; P. D. Warrington Publications/Journals: British Columbia Provincial Museum, Handbook Memoirs of the British Columbia Provincial Museum Special Publications of the British Columbia Provincial Museum
Total Specimens: 218,000
Web Site: http://www.royalbcmuseum.bc.ca/Natural_History/Plants.aspx
Online Database: http://objectdb.royalbcmuseum.bc.ca/
Contact: Richard Hebda, Curator
Phone: 1-250-387-5493

Address: Herbarium, Botany Unit
Royal British Columbia Museum
P.O. Box 9815 Stn Prov Govt
675 Belleville Street
Victoria, BC V8V 9W2

Dataset: Vascular Plants
Name: Vascular Plants
Data Access Point:
Description: Specimens held at the Royal British Columbia Museum.
Contact: Richard Hebda, Curator
Phone: 1-250-387-5493

Licenses: License for specimen data: Public Domain (https://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/). License for media, including photographs and images of specimens: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/us/). Users of the data are encouraged to acknowledge the source of the data if any of these records or media are used for publications, analyses, reports, or on web sites. The provider of the data, and its staff, are not responsible for damages, injury or loss due to the use of these data. Fitness of use must be determined by the user of the data.
Collection Size: 217,000
Records Indexed: 89,107
Data Last Updated:
Metadata Updated: 2010-08-28